Tazkiyah - an essential duty of the holy Prophet-saws



The holy Prophet Muhammad-saws had four Prophetic duties, as illustrated in the holy Quran (62:2):


(1) Reciting the Verses of the Quran


The Revelation conveyed the Commands of Allah, and is the fountain head of Islamic Shari‘ah. The final revelation was received at ‘Arafat on the 9th day of Zilhajj during the Farewell Pilgrimage. It declared:


“This day I completed your Deen (Code of Conduct) for you and also My favours on you and chosen for you Islam as Deen.”


(2) Tazkiyah


The Prophet’s-saws company instantly purified the souls and immediately refined human conduct. This miraculous transformation was most strikingly evident in the character of his Companions. This process of soul purification still continues through Sufi Orders of Islam.


(3) Teaching of the Book


It was only befitting that the exalted personality-saws who received the Book and fully understood the Message should teach it to the rest of mankind.


(4) Teaching of Wisdom


That was to expound the deeper meaning of the Book and exhibit practical implementation of the Quran as reflected through the speech and conduct of the holy Prophet-saws.


Scholars of his Ummah continue to serve his sublime mission by performing his Prophetic duties as under:


(1) The Qari(s) and Huffaz (who commit Quran to their memory) perform the first duty.

         (2) The Sufis perform the second duty of soul purification.

(3) The Mufassireen (Commentators) perform the third duty of teaching the book.

(4) The Mohaditheen (Traditionalists) perform the fourth duty of teaching Prophetic wisdom.