Silsilah Naqshbandiah Owaisiah


Online Zikr



 "There is a shine for everything, and the shine (polish) for the hearts is Allah's Zikr (remembrance)."  (Bahaiqi)


Zikr-e Qalbi is conducted twice a day on Paltalk Messenger by our Shaikh. Brothers and sisters from all over the world join the Zikr sessions and get blessings, directly from him. You may also join the LIVE Zikr sessions on the Internet, no matter where you live.

1.       If you like to know the procedure and timings, please email us at: 

2.      Type ‘Online Zikr’ in the Subject line.

3.   Please let us know your full name, your city and country.

4.   Please let us know if:

      a) You are already Bai'at , or

      b) You have already done Zikr, or

      c) You are a beginner

5.   How did you hear about