Ghazwah-tal Hind

Translated Speech


His Eminence Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

Shaikh Silsilah Naqshbandiah Owaisiah

Dar ul Irfan, District Chakwal


30 November 2008


All Praise is for Allah‑swt, the Lord of the Universe. Peace and Salutations be on His Beloved Muhammad‑saws and his family and Companions, all.

I seek refuge with Allah, from Shaitan the outcast.

With the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

From Abu Hurairah‑rau, he said:

The Messenger-saws of Allah promised us Ghazwah-tal Hind. Now, if I encounter it, I shall invest my wealth and life in it. Then, if I am killed I will be among the most chosen Shuhada (martyrs) and if I live, I would be Abu Hurairah ‘the freed’ (from Hell Fire).

From Thoban-rau, the freed slave of the Holy Prophet‑saws, he said that the Messenger‑saws of Allah‑swt said:

There are two groups from my Ummah that Allah-swt has spared from the Fire, one group that shall participate in the Ghazwah-tal Hind and the other that will be with Isa‑as, the son of Maryam, or as said the Messenger‑saws of Allah‑swt.

Nisa’i, Page 63, Volume II, Kitab al Jihad, Ghazwah-tal Hind.

 Imam Nisa’i has written a whole chapter on Ghazwah-tal Hind in his Nisa’i Sharif, from which I have narrated these two Ahadith. One narration is by Hadhrat Thoban‑rau who was a freed slave of the Holy Prophet‑saws. He said, ‘the Holy Prophet‑saws said: “There shall be two groups from my Ummah whom Allah‑swt will completely protect from the Fire and Hell”. In another narration it is mentioned that the members of these two groups shall enter Jannah without any reckoning. The Holy Prophet‑saws indicated these two groups:  One that shall participate in Ghazwah-tal Hind and the other that will participate in Jihad along with Isa‑as after his Return (to earth). Hadhrat Abu Hurairah‑rau states that the Holy Prophet‑saws promised us Ghazwah-tal Hind. His words are, ‘The Holy Prophet‑saws promised us’. In the narration by Hadhrat Abu Hurairah‑rau, the Holy Prophet‑saws has used the word, ‘al-Hind’, which comprises the whole of the Indian sub-continent. Hadhrat Abu Hurairah‑rau said, ‘If the Jihad in al-Hind takes place in my lifetime, I will invest my life and wealth in it. Then, if I am killed, I will be called as one of the most chosen Shuhada and if I live, people will say, ‘He is Abu Hurairah, who has been freed from Jahannam. This freedom from Jahannam has been guaranteed by the Holy Prophet‑saws himself.’

The news about Ghazwah-tal Hind taking place in the sub-continent has been given by the Holy Prophet‑saws and has reached his Ummah through his blessed statements. I had starting speaking, during the decade of the 90’s, about its taking place in the sub-continent. At that time people were sceptical about it happening and felt strange even talking about it. However, now the situation is becoming clearer by the day and even the common man has started to understand that this conflict is bound to take place.  Its time is known only to Allah‑swt, but its occurrence is most certain, because it is a Divine Decision, about which we have been informed by the Holy Prophet‑saws. He is the most Truthful of the truthful, and it is our trust in him that is known as Iman (Faith).

There are two very attractive facts about Ghazwah-tal Hind. The first is that, a Muslim, who participates in it with Iman and sincerity, to support the Truth and to subdue falsehood, will be declared as free from Jahannam by Allah‑swt. If he is killed in it, he will be included in the most chosen of the Shuhada and if he lives, he will receive the certificate of freedom from Jahannam. Secondly; Although it will be a very intense and protracted war, it will end in victory for Islam and the Muslims. Pakistan will no longer remain a small Muslim country but the entire al-Hind will turn into an Islamic state. The Renaissance of Islam will commence here and Truth will prevail over the entire world. Who will participate in this mission? Who will be their leaders? It is but obvious that only the righteous people rise in support of the Truth; unrighteous people are not supporters of the Truth; nor does Allah‑swt accept them for this service. It is only the righteous that sacrifice their life and wealth for the sake of the Truth. Their numbers are insignificant; numerical strength may be important to us, but it has no significance with Allah‑swt. A single person standing by the Truth may overwhelm a large group of those who support falsehood. The Prophetic era  proves this fact. How many people were there with the Holy Prophet‑saws? How great was their financial strength? How large were their stocks of arms and ammunition? He‑saws had nothing with him except Divine Support and a handful of followers. These servants of the Holy Prophet‑saws rose from the deserts of Arabia and spread the Deen over the whole world. Any person, who was accepted by Allah‑swt, started joining with them - and this will happen once again. With the Grace of Allah and according to the information given by the Holy Prophet‑saws, the lovers of Allah and the servants of the Holy Prophet‑saws will rise with Divine Support. There still remain some slaves of Allah‑swt, who will serve to be the root cause of this Islamic revolution.

Newspaper columnists opine that the situation will improve after the arrival of Imam Mahdi. But we are not at that stage yet. Ghazwah-tal Hind will take place before the coming of Imam Mahdi and the Islamic social and financial systems will once again be implemented in the entire world before his arrival. In the world today American superiority prevails, and all countries and governments are impressed by the American might. This is portrayed in modern day terminology, which the world uses by describing America being the only ‘super power’. This is an entirely false notion. The only Superpower is Allah‑swt! Human beings are simply human beings. Means and resources are created by Allah‑swt, and He‑swt Alone creates their results and effects, whether the resources are great or small. Worldly affairs are related to resources, and due effort should be made to harness them. However, if falsehood is able to amass huge resources in its support, while the resources of Truth are less and ill matched, yet these lesser resources will produce greater results because it is the Truth that possesses strength and will eventually triumph .

Supposedly India is a large country. It is a big power with a huge army and many covert agencies. It has interfered in Afghanistan and other countries and continues to conduct bomb blasts at one place or the other. Recently, a few young people infiltrated into Mumbai. For four days the army, police, intelligence agencies and the media of this large country exerted their full effort yet the boys held on. Hundreds of people were killed and hundreds were wounded. A huge quantity of ammunition was used. The question is how did they take such a large quantity of ammunition to the hotel and none of the agencies got to know? Naturally, they wouldn’t have transported such a large cache of arms and ammunitions openly in any truck. Then how did they keep dumping it there and why didn’t the agencies come to know about it? It is being said that they arrived via the sea. Even if they came through a sea route, what was the Indian Navy doing? How is it possible that some foreign intruders entered their country and they just didn’t know? All slogans like, ‘India is a big power’, or ‘America is a superpower’ are false. These slogans are the concoctions of the present time, otherwise there have been such people in the past, who even claimed themselves to be Gods; had large armies, a formidable might and a vast dominion, yet no one called them superpowers.

The ways of Allah‑swt are so wondrous that He‑swt didn’t grant any army to Prophet Musa‑as to break the might of Pharaoh. He‑swt told him‑as, ‘Go and talk to him. My Mercy is so vast that if he repents, I shall accept him, but if he does not, then you don’t need any army, I shall Myself deal with him.’ And that is what exactly happened. The magicians were called and a competition with Prophet Musa‑as was held, but in the end, Pharaoh, his army, might and strength, riches and wealth were all drowned in one instant and his country, dominion and areas were left for Bani Israel. Therefore, there is only One real Might, One real Superpower, All-Mighty Allah; He‑swt is the Absolute Creator and the Omnipotent. It is He‑swt Who produces effects from causes as He‑swt wills. The only thing that is taken into account in His Presence is one’s intention, sincerity and motive; the degree of one’s sincerity for the Holy Prophet‑saws, and the amount of trust in Allah‑swt and His Messenger‑saws.

Whatever the Holy Prophet‑saws has said, will most certainly come to pass, under all circumstances. Whether it is initiated by the present incident (the Mumbai incident) or some other event, whether it happens now or is delayed for some time, it will certainly take place as the result of some cause. Everyday incidents are taking us closer to Ghazwah-tal Hind. In people’s view USA is a superpower, but her self-conceived supremacy will soon come to an end. In my personal opinion, she will break up before the Ghazwah-tal Hind. She no longer possesses the strength to be called a superpower. Her economy is plunging into recession, unemployment is spiralling and the citizens are striving for food. The American government has interfered in many countries, but seen realistically, today the Iraqis are resisting with an even greater strength. How many of them have been killed, how many cities have been destroyed, but their resistance has not abated. And what about Afghanistan? Its mountains are still there, so is its land and  its inhabitants are still getting the same dry bread that they were eating before the intrusion by America. However, their resolve to resist hasn’t diminished and they are still defending their country from the invaders. Neither has Iraq lost anything, nor has Afghanistan; it is America that has lost something. America is no more the same America that so easily charged at them; possibly, she is left without an option to withdraw. This situation is driving the USA in the direction where it will disintegrate - Insha Allah; falsehood doesn’t enjoy a long life. A blessed Divine Command states, ‘The Truth has come and falsehood has perished. Indeed falsehood has to perish.’ (17:81). Falsehood is destined to perish, it is meant to perish. It is the Truth that stays, falsehood is not meant to endure.

What I am saying is not because I want people to agree with me. That is inconsequential. Whatever has to happen will happen irrespective of whether someone agrees or disagrees with me.  The purpose of my discourse is that we need to analyse our relationship with the present and the future. Where am I? What is my Faith and belief? How are my conduct and deeds? Am I one of those whom Allah‑swt will accept as one of His Mujahideen or, Allah‑swt forbid, I will be considered as one of the people of falsehood and after suffering the loss, will fall into the abyss of humiliation and disgrace? All of us still have life, moment of decision and the time for action. Today, we should introspect and question ourselves where we stand. If we observe any weakness or deficiency in ourselves, we should turn towards Allah‑swt, repent, reform and ask Him to include us among those people who will make sacrifices for the support of the Deen; this is the only path of success. Otherwise, people come into the world and leave; Allah‑swt’s system is not dependent upon anyone. It continues to operate, the way Allah‑swt desires it to run. The system of life and death is continuing in the universe, even in the human body. Trillions of cells constitute the human body, millions of them die and millions more are produced. Look around, millions of trees fall and how many new ones grow. Crops ripen and are harvested and many more start growing. How many blades of grass fall daily and how many new ones grow daily? This sequence of life and death is continuing in animals and birds, in organic and inorganic matter and in the whole universe of Allah‑swt. He‑swt does not stand in need of anyone in this whole procedure, while the whole creation stands in absolute need of Him‑swt. Therefore, the only worthy action is that we make the right decision, the decision of obedience to Allah‑swt and to the Messenger‑saws of Allah-swt! We have to die at the appointed time, let’s decide to leave this world with Shahadat. Pray for it and strive for it.

One of the blessed sayings of the Holy Prophet‑saws is: ‘If the thought, “I wish Allah‑swt had granted me an opportunity of Jihad and that I too, should have been blessed with Shahadat,” doesn’t cross the mind of a person during his whole life, (the words of this Hadith Shareef are very severe) he has died the death of the Period of Ignorance.’ That is, his death is like the death of those who died before the time of the Holy Prophet‑saws. It is a requirement of Iman that a believer should desire that Allah-swt grants him Shahadah. It is my belief that Ghazwah-tal Hind will certainly take place, but I don’t know whether in our life-time or not; whether it will happen today, after a decade or after fifty years or whether any of us will be there or not. But I do know one thing, that if anyone sincerely makes up his mind for it today and then passes away, the Mercy of Allah‑swt is so vast, that He‑swt will not deprive him and will include him in the Mujahideen of Ghazwah-tal Hind. However, if a person doesn’t give it any importance, doesn’t long for it and remains indifferent, then that is his own bad luck. May Allah‑swt grant us the capacity to long to sacrifice ourselves for Truth in Ghazwah-tal Hind; with our wealth, life and existence, for Truth, Equality and Justice to prevail in the world, and also to attract Allah‑swt’s Mercy to liberate His creation from oppression. However, before this, we should be concerned about our own reformation. It won’t happen by mere thinking; it demands solid action. We should, with complete devotion, adhere to the Shari‘ah, eat Halaal and avoid Haraam, speak the truth and avoid lies, perform worship at its time, attend to our worldly affairs considering them as worship, recite the Holy Quran, recite Darood Sharif, remember Allah-swt, be grateful to Him-swt, request Him‑swt to overlook our weaknesses, beseech Allah-swt’s forgiveness and pardon and beg Him‑swt for the strength to stand firm on the Deen and to establish the Truth.

It is imperative that we identify ourselves in this throng of humanity. We should find out where we stand. It starts with belief, which is the foundation. It must be pure; the pristine belief that was taught by the Holy Prophet‑saws, untainted in any way: Allah-swt is One, without any partner; there is none to share in His Being or Attributes, He is Alone. He Alone is the Creator, the Master and the Manager of affairs. He is the Rabb (Lord), He grants life, and death also comes by His decision; He grants health, and diseases also come from Him; He grants affluence, and poverty also comes from Him. He Alone is the Sovereign; there is no partner in His Kingdom. Allah‑swt is Allah‑swt, the Creator and the Master; everything is His creation! After Allah‑swt, the Messenger‑saws of Allah‑swt is the most exalted person in the whole creation.

It is as simple as that: Allah‑swt is One, without any partner, Unique, without any comparison, and among the creation Muhammad‑saws the Messenger of Allah‑swt is the most exalted; there is none like him‑saws.

It is an evident display of ignorance to discuss the person of the Holy Prophet‑saws and this ignorance is being evidenced nowadays. People have written books on this subject and held contests. One group argues that he‑saws possessed a particular attribute, while the other argues that he‑saws (Allah‑swt forbid) didn’t possess it, yet neither group understands that it is only possible to weigh, with a particular weight, something that is lighter (or equal) but not something heavier that the weight itself. A weight of five kilograms cannot measure a twenty kilogram item. Only subordinates can be discussed, it is pure ignorance to discuss the preeminent. To discuss the exalted personage of the Holy Prophet‑saws, at any level, is disrespect in itself. The Faith is very simple: it is to believe that everything, which is in accordance with the instruction or the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet‑saws is the truth and every deed that is disliked by the Holy Prophet‑saws is false. The criterion of right and wrong is the Shari‘ah brought by the Holy Prophet‑saws. No one, other than him‑saws, has the authority to declare something as true or false. This is the pure belief!

There can be a difference of opinion on minor issues and interpretations, and that is desirable. It is correct as long as it is within the limits of Shari‘ah. Someone considers one part of the instructions of the Holy Prophet‑saws as superior, while someone else considers another part to be superior; opinions can be different regarding superiority. However, if there is a difference in the matter of Permissions and Prohibitions, such a difference is not within the limits of Shari‘ah. Minor differences are not for raising disputes, but for acting upon all aspects of the Shari‘ah. Though Muslims have made them the basis of mutual quarrels, now is the time to drop such issues. Have you read anywhere that there ever was a discussion about the Holy Prophet‑saws among the Companions or there was a dialogue on this subject between the Tab’aeen or the Tab’a Tab’aeen? Then, who are we and what is our worth to bring that exalted personality‑saws under discussion? Whereas, we need to believe in him‑saws, hold fast to him and fulfil our obligation to follow him. With sincerity, we should develop firmness in our resolve to obey Allah‑swt. How? As told and taught by the Messenger‑saws of Allah‑swt, as instructed by Allah‑swt in the Holy Quran; ‘The one who obeys the Messenger‑saws has obeyed Allah‑swt.’ Keep this standard in view and discover yourself. Anyone who desires to participate in Ghazwah-tal Hind and is blessed with a longing to participate in this Ghazwah and makes an effort to support it and prays for its success, should include everyone else in his D‘ua (prayers). The knowledge of its exact timing is with Allah‑swt alone, He‑swt doesn’t tell anyone from His‑swt creation about what is going to happen at what time. This is His own decision and the universe belongs to Him. A D‘ua is also one of the causes. Offering a D‘ua is a great blessing in itself, but no one’s D‘ua can change His decisions. In fact, the D‘ua that are accepted are already recorded since Azal (time immemorial), that the cause for such and such an event to take place will be the D‘ua of such and such a person. Offering a D‘ua is an act of worship in itself. In a D‘ua, a slave expresses his heartfelt feelings before the Rabb of the Universe and prays; offering a D‘ua is a human need. The more one offers a D‘ua, the more he is blessed with Allah‑swt’s Closeness, Presence and the moments of Nearness.

Discover yourself and do not concern yourself about how great someone else is. Judge yourself on a scale as to whether you are with the One who is the Greatest? Make the effort, strive with determination and keep yourself in His‑swt army, in the group of His‑swt obedient slaves, in His‑swt hosts and in His‑swt troops. The time will come that will raise the curtain from events, one by one, and the events will keep unfolding. If a person turns a blind eye, that is different, otherwise the present circumstances, events and everyday accidents are making clear that there is no place left in the world which is now safe; there is some spark being kindled  or a fire is blazing, everywhere. Spiralling clouds of smoke indicate blazing fires. The effort of the Kafir (infidel, non-Muslim) powers worldwide is to make Pakistan the battlefield. However, they are forgetting that the Holy Prophet‑saws had stated fourteen centuries ago that the whole sub-continent would be the battlefield and the name of this Jihad would be Ghazwah-tal Hind.

During a conference at Lahore, one of the journalists questioned the use of the word Ghazwah in the phrase Ghazwah-tal Hind. Literally, only that Jihad is called a Ghazwah in which the Holy Prophet‑saws personally participated and Saryah is used for the Jihad that took place during the time of the Holy Prophet‑saws which he‑saws commanded, stationed at Medina and despatched his troops under the leadership of one of the Companions.. There were eighty such Ghazwaat and Sarayah (plurals of Ghazwah and Saryah). Now, that Jihad in which the Holy Prophet‑saws did not personally participate, while he was present in this world, is known as Saryah; whereas the Jihad, which will take place in the Hind, centuries after the Holy Prophet‑saws has left the world, is being called as Ghazwah-tal Hind. Why it is not called a Saryah or a simple Jihad? Dr. Israr was also present in that meeting; he said that it was customary during those days to call a Jihad as a Ghazwah. Therefore, the Holy Prophet‑saws also probably referred to it as a Ghazwah. I corrected him by stating that what the Holy Prophet‑saws said is not in consideration to any custom; instead it is the Deen! Whatever he‑saws said is Shari‘ah and not a custom. If he‑saws has described the Jihad of al Hind as a Ghazwah, then it is surely a Ghazwah. It signifies that although the Holy Prophet‑saws has passed away from this world, yet the Mujahideen (of Ghazwah-tal Hind) will get as much of his Tawajjuh as got the Mujahideen of those Gazwaat in which he‑saws personally participated. Therefore, he‑saws has described it as a Ghazwah with his own truth-expressing tongue. This phrase has not been uttered by any narrator or by any interpreter, but has been used by the Holy Prophet‑saws himself.

How lucky will be those who participate in this Jihad; understand this clearly, those who live with falsehood, they never die for the Truth. It is only the Ahl‑e Haqq (People of Truth) who are blessed with such good fortune by Allah‑swt. A person needs to make at least some preparation to participate in a Jihad like Ghazwah-tal Hind because the Tawajjuh of the Holy Prophet‑saws will be as intense during the Ghazwah, as it was in his personal company. The beliefs of a person should be pure, accompanied by a constant effort to bring his conduct in line with the Sunnah; this is the preparation for it. The means and resources (for war) are also necessary and they will be used at their proper time; however, the means and resources will be acquired by those who are blessed to participate in it. First, prepare yourself, so that when the time comes, Allah‑swt keeps us with the Truth, grants us the capacity to support the Truth and includes us with the Ahl-e Haqq. Let it not happen that, being Muslims by name, we may support falsehood at that time, and be out of the service to the Holy Prophet‑saws; may Allah‑swt protect us from such a situation.

There is nothing known as worry in the lives of those people who are spending their lives in accordance with Divine Commands or those whose faith is strong or those who believe in and trust Allah or those who trust the Holy Prophet‑saws and believe in him. All worries surround a person after he deviates from obedience to Allah‑swt. Why should the one, who stands by the Truth, worry? He knows that he need not worry; if he lives he will carry out even more obedience and if he dies, Allah‑swt will accept him, so why worry?

We wish that Allah‑swt accepts us for Ghazwah-tal Hind, but it is only in Allah’s Knowledge how we will participate in it. We should be sure that our intention is so pure that even if we pass away from this world before the Ghazwah, still Allah‑swt will, Insha Allah, include us in the ranks of its Mujahideen on the Day of Judgement in the Field of Resurrection! So, examine your beliefs, your deeds, and your conduct, and prove yourself to be a full time servant of the Holy Prophet‑saws. All blessings, all goodness awaits the person who fulfils his covenant of loyalty to the Holy Prophet‑saws.

And we end our speech with, ‘All Praise is for Allah, the Rabb of the Universe’.