Maulana Allah Yar Khan was born at Chakrala. District Mianwali, Pakistan, in 1904. He completed his education at Islamic Madrissah Aminiah, Delhi (India) in 1933, under the guidance of the renowned scholar and theologian, Mufti Kirayat Ullah-(RAA). Was initiated onto the Sublime Sufi Path in 1936 and, for a quarter of a century. he endeavoured to attain perfection.


In 1962, inspired to disseminate Sufi doctrine and practice, while pursu­ing the Naqshbandiah Owaisiah Order, he wrote this book and embarked upon the 'reformation of mankind'. Continued with his mission, under di­rect patronage of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), for 22 years, till his death on 18 Feb. 1984 at Islamabad. He left behind thousands of followers from all walks of life, true and practicing Muslims, with the choicest gift of direct access to the spiritual audience of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). As well, he left his masterpieces. Hayat-e Barzakhiah (Life Beyond Life) and Israr ul Haramain (Secrets of the Holy Land), authenticating every event with his deep spiritual insight.


To expose and counteract the forces of fallacy in Islam. had been the simultaneous mission of his blissful life. A dialectician of singular stand­ing, he compiled a number of authentic research works on the subject to make Muslim scholars self sufficient.


During his lifetime, nominated his spiritually most gifted and illustrious pupil, Malik Muhammad Akram Awan to continue his mission, from his headquarters at Dar ul- 'Irfan.


Undoubtedly, the greatest Sufi Master, the Muslim Ummah has pro­duced after the Companions.








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